How it works

We send out a survey each year to our database of contacts. The survey is open for a limited window of time. There are no requirements to receive a survey. All are welcome to participate. We then publish the results annually.

  1. Make sure you’re on our contact list
    This will ensure you get notified when a survey opens, receive reminders, and other important updates. Simply fill out the appropriate form to be added to our database:
    Employers Form | Colleges Form
  2. Wait to be notified
    After you’ve completed Step #1 – you’re golden! Sit back and relax knowing you’re on our contact list. You’ll receive a note when our survey(s) open, as well as other important alerts.
  3. Complete the survey
    When the survey opens, you will be sent a unique survey link along with a password for your org. This allows multiple people to be able to work together to complete the survey. Finish the survey by the designated deadline.
  4. Look for published ranking
    After the survey closes, that’s when we do our thing! Our data team will analyze the results and publish the (unbiased) ranking in both print and online. We will notify you once the rankings have been published.


Below is a general outline of what to expect each year.


Heads Up

Emails will be sent to our database of contacts alerting them and reminding them that the survey will open soon. This is a good time to make sure your POCs are up to date and start gathering your data.


Sent Out

Unique survey links and passwords will be sent to each school and business. The survey will come from our data team by way of our survey platform – Qualtrics – the #1 survey platform available.



Participants should be filling out their surveys during this time. Remember to leave enough time to gather your info and be as thorough as possible in your responses.



After running the results through our very unbiased analyzation process, the schools and employers are then ranked to showcase which support veterans the best. The rankings are published in print and online across all Military Times publications.