Best for Vets: Law Enforcement 2017

Military Times surveyed law enforcement agencies across the U.S. about their policies relating to veterans and reservists on the force. The following are the top 20 finishers, with the six very-top-scoring agencies designated by a blue dot.

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Officers or agents Recent officer hires Benefits for activated reservists
Department Jurisdiction Total Military Total Military Percentage of recruiting budget for veterans Hiring Veteran hiring preference Union Military experience instead of certification Retirement credit for military service Veteran on-boarding Departmental training about military Military spouse policies ESGR award Medical insurance Life insurance Pay raises Retirement credit Sick days Vacation days Reservist pay
Airway Heights Police Department Airway Heights, Wash., city limits 16 7 2 no data 1% Now 10% [1] AHPSG Patriot
Full difference, 30 business days
Brevard County Sheriff's Office Brevard County County, Fla., excluding municipal areas no data no data no data no data no data Now CFPBA
Full pay, 4 weeks, then full difference, 203 months
Chesterfield County Police Department Chesterfield County County, Va. 485 81 38 7 no data Now
No pay
Cincinnati Police Department Cincinnati, city limits no data 277 no data 31 no data Now 5/100 FOP
Above and Beyond
Partial difference, unlimited
Culpeper County Sheriff's Office Culpeper County, Va. 105 21 17 3 no data Now No pay
Denver Police Department City and County of Denver 1,490 no data no data no data 10% Now 10/100 DPPA
Full difference, 52 weeks, then full difference, unlimited
Goochland Sheriff's Office Goochland County, Va. 42 19 6 5 0% Now
Training: full pay, 15 business days; activated: no pay
Harris County Sheriff's Office Harris County, Texas 2,237 650 no data no data 40% Now
Full pay, unlimited
Henrico County Police Division Henrico County, Va. 647 149 35 no data 20% Now
Training: full pay, 120 hours; activated: full difference, unlimited
Miami-Dade Police Department Miami-Dade County, Fla. 2,657 no data 65 no data no data Now
Training: full pay, 30 business days; activated: full pay, 30 business days, then full difference, 5 years
Mukilteo Police Department Mukilteo, Wash., city limits 28 10 1 0 0% Now 10/100 Teamsters
Above and Beyond [2]
Full pay, 21 business days
Newport News Sheriff's Office Newport News, Va., city limits 191 58 20 2 15% Now
Full pay, 120 hours
Oakland County Sheriff's Office Oakland County, Mich. 769 164 61 13 0% Now
Freedom [2]
Training: no pay; activated: full difference, unlimited
Oklahoma City Police Department Oklahoma City, Okla., city limits 1,105 no data 104 no data no data Now
Full difference, 52 weeks
Orange County Sheriff's Office Orange County, Fla. 1,446 303 130 33 35% Now
Above and Beyond
Full difference, 240 hours
Pima County Sheriff's Department Pima County, Ariz., excluding municipal areas 522 37 55 no data no data Plan to 5/15 FOP, PCDSA
Full pay, 240 hours
San Diego Police Department San Diego, city limits no data no data no data no data 5% Now
Training: full pay, 30 business days, then full difference, unlimited; activated: full difference, 30 business days, then partial difference, unlimited
The University of Arizona Police Department University of Arizona campuses and locations 64 23 no data no data 0% Now
Above and Beyond [2]
Training: full pay, 30 business days; activated: partial difference, 2 years
Tucson Police Department Tucson, Ariz., city limits 883 375 100 12 no data Now 5/100 TPOA
Extraordinary Employer Support
Training: full pay, 1 month; activated: full difference, unlimited
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Police Wash. 133 29 10 4 no data Now
Full pay, 15 business days
  • [1] 10% bonus based on test taker's score, not based on total possible points in test
  • [2] Multiple ESGR awards
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